Diabetic Foot Problems

A yearly foot checkup is recommended for people with diabetes. Prevention of foot problems is the goal.

Your diabetic foot checkup with Dr. Dalvin is comprehensive and includes an assessment of:

  • circulation and vascular status
  • muscle strength
  • nerve function
  • skin and nails
  • foot structure

Dr. Dalvin will explain the findings of the examination and make recommendations as needed.

As a person with diabetes, please work with your family physician to keep your blood sugar under control.  Blood sugar levels over 200 impair the body's ability to fight off infection.

Diabetic foot infections can become serious very quickly.  Self treating a mild infection at home can delay necessary care and lead to a limb threatening infection.  Our staff knows the importance of treating infections now.  If you have an infection, don't delay your care.  Call the office that treats you as a top priority: Dr. Dalvin's office.

When serious infections occur, you'll be glad to know that Dr. Dalvin is a board certified surgeon who uses the latest technology to your advantage.  MRI, wound vacuums, skin substitues, and hyperbaric oxygen are used when appropriate.

High quality diabetic shoes and insoles are available at our office, and they can help prevent diabetic foot problems from occurring in the first place.  You will experience personalized service when shopping for diabetic shoes at our office.  Don't hesitate to call.


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